Tian Jiu (San Fu Tie) – “Moxibustion Patch Treatment”

Many chronic disease patients often consult TCM Practitioners, get acupuncture treatment, or take herbal medicine, but few know of the Moxibustion Patch treatment- “Tian Jiu”. 

Tian Jiu uses herbal mixtures which are grounded into paste (moxibustion patch) and applied on certain acupoints or affected areas.  After the patch activates on the acupoints, it creates transmission along the meridians to invigorate vital energy in the circulation to strengthen our immune system. In TCM terminology, this effect is called “dredge meridians”, “invigorate qi and increase blood flow”, “regulate the function of organs” and “balance Yin and Yang”. Tian Jiu is an effective therapy to treat many allergy symptoms and chronic diseases. 

Since the purpose of Tian Jiu is to invigorate vital energy, “qi”, to enhance cold resistance of the body, in tradition, three hottest days of the year are selected for the treatment according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. These three days are called “San Fu” days,  which means “applying patches during the three hottest days”. In other words, Tian Jiu is performed three times every year, and sometimes it will be extended one day if needed. To achieve the best therapeutic result, three times a year for a consecutive three years is recommended. 

The general public in Hong Kong have already known of the benefits of Tian Jiu for many years.  Annually, large number of patients receive Tian Jiu on San Fu days. It’s clinically proven that symptoms of many chronic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and chronic eczema, are significantly improved, and the number of recurrences are greatly reduced. During the winter in the Greater Vancouver area, the weather is relatively cold and damp, so many chronic diseases are affected by this environment which is why Tian Jiu is very suitable for those patients.

After receiving Tian Jiu, it’s common to have side effects such as Hyperemia and redness on local skin, as well as small blisters sometimes. These side effects actually manifest as signs of its effectiveness; therefore the reason it is also called Blistering Patch. 

There are many types of medical conditions that can be treated by Tian Jiu, such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, neck, shoulder and lower back pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, dysmenorrhea, chronic gastritis and yang deficiency constitution.

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